Great Forks

Great Forks is a city unparalleled in all of Creation. It is a home where the strange is ordinary, where gods walk the streets among men and where even demons or the Fair Folk may run a business. It is governed by a triumvirate of powerful gods, and never sleeps – at any time of day, one can hear prayers chanted from minarets and curses shouted by unlucky gamblers.

There are three major districts in Great Forks, and a huge shack-town of tents and hovels outside the wall, where most of the slaves are kept.

The Temple District, located closest to Trinity Tower, lies in the south. The walls here rise tall, and there are many armaments facing south, for further south lies the dead city of Thorns and the terrible armies of the Mask of Winters. The buildings in this district are magnificent and tall, but many smaller shrines line the streets – the most magnificent temple, naturally, is the Trinity Tower itself. Streets are small and cluttered, with temples taking up a lot of space; the mess of narrow alleys is interrupted by countless small squares and circuses. Holy men and women constantly pass back and forth through this district, doing all manner of strange things.

The Commerce District is a hustling and bustling sector. It lies in the northeast, and anyone passing over Dragon’s Bridge or coming from the river enters this part first. The place is flowing with money and goods, and most foreigners will be found here alongside a multitude of strange wares. Streets here are narrow and cramped, and many of the poor ironically dwell in the outskirts of this district, pressed into service for the wealthy lords. In Commerce District, architecture is completely incoherent. One building might be regally tall and white, the next a garish pink, the third a looming manor. Only towards Dragon’s Landing, district of the truly wealthy, does this disorder clear out and finer, less cramped establishments are found.

The Sage District is to the northwest. Here, administrations are handled – the bureaucracy of the great city flows in and out of this district, although it’s somewhat less fast-paced than the other two. Aside from all the political offices, such as the massive taxations office, it’s also home of the City Guards main station, several wealthy citizens, and most importantly – the Guild. Buildings in Sage District are often arranged in walled-in compounds, and security here is high – many influential citizens choose to live here. Guarding is also slightly more heavy, since there are many walls to slip over. Parks are also abundant in Sage district, so even the most lowly bureaucrat has a relatively pleasant workplace.

The Shacktown is a ragtag, improvised mess of tents and hovels built to house the excess of slaves that don’t fit inside the city proper. Among these poor servants can also be found beggars and other outcasts who have nowhere else to go.

Great Forks

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