Projects and Missions

The following projects and missions are common to the whole group:

Deactivate the weather control manses in Lignum and Hydera to prevent a gigantic storm.

Prevent the The Shattered Prophets apprentice from killing people in Hydera, which could lead to the Rice Triangle’s geomancy being permanently poisoned with the Essence of Death.

*Learn more about the Shattered Prophet and his apprentices.

*Help Wise Hog of the Autumn with the Chimera problem in Great Forks.

Additionally, each character may have plans and projects of their own, and things on their to-do list:

*Find the remaining scrolls of the Book of Going Forth by Day.

*Find a way to redeem Princess Wake of Angels of the Bleeding Manse.

Tiger Blossom:

Infiltrate Arkham Tower and learn what the savants within know about Lord Cherubael.

*Learn what it means to be a Lunar Exalted.
*"Convert" Lookshy, to be more Solar/Lunar sympathetic. (Teach the different between Anethema and Solar/Lunar.)

Bai Lung:
*Make Empty Words Unspoken a double agent, preferably through oath. At the very least, extort as much info about his master and his machinations as possible.
*Subvert influences inimical to unity within Hydera. Texts diametrically opposed to death cult propaganda could be written. Shall attempt in free time.

Projects and Missions

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