Locations of Note

Great Forks is one of the largest cities in the Scavenger Lands.

The Rice Triangle, a geomantically-improved area located between three manses. There are three major cities in the Rice Triangle:

*Sabulum is the Guild’s headquarters in the area, a large town containing several academies, among these a department for calligraphy and one for geomancy. It lies on the shores of the Yellow River, and is frequented by sailors and farmers besides learned men and Guild merchants. Wise Dragonfly is the name of the old calligraphy master who used to run the calligraphy school. There are plenty of inns and taverns in the city, ranging from simple sailors’ rests to exquisite brothels and hotels.

*Lignum is a city built entirely out of wood, atop the Wood-aspected manse once known as Numata. Although the city was more or less destroyed by The Shattered Prophet of the Infinite Crucible, thanks to the efforts of Lord Cherubael and “Bai Lung”, the community was rebuilt. Currently, the Numata manse pumps Essence of Wood into the area, allowing the people to eke out a living as farmers.

*Hydera is a Lookshy Redoubt, built around the Water-aspected manse by the same name. It’s led by a Wood-Aspected Dragon-Blood named Maheka Shara, and is home to a handful of additional Lookshy Dragon-Blooded and their troops. A local firedust baron, a god-blood named Hakumon, also makes his residence here. Hydera is a small redoubt, insignificant by Lookshy standards but still with imposing military might, defending all of the Rice Triangle.

Besides these three cities, there are a few other settlements in the area. There are numerous small farming-villages, and roving bands of tribesmen, but there is also one additional manse:

*Aumata-Perion is the manse located on top of the only mountain in the area. It’s a small Wind-aspected manse which controls the weather in the area, by being fed Essence from Hydera and Numata. It is currently malfunctioning due to a Guild gold mine in the mountain.

Besides the farmers and natives of the Scavenger Lands, a few wild tribes still live in the area. They’re divided between the Eagle Tribes and the Falcon Tribes – the Falcon Tribes consist of the Redfoot Tribe, the Peregrine Tribe, the Kestrel Tribe and the Gyrfalcon Tribes. Currently, the Peregrine Tribe and Kestrel Tribe are both in service of the Guild.


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