Dramatis Personae

This is a documentation of characters. Please include a link to the character’s own page, if such exists, or a brief description otherwise.

Player Characters:

“Bai Lung”
Lord Cherubael
Tiger Blossom
Setoko Shiroishi, The Righteous White Lion


The Shattered Prophet of the Infinite Crucible
Empty Words Unspoken
Wise Hog of the Autumn
Gupta Wintersmith

Black Stripes Azeba is Wise Hog’s apprentice. A teenage fun-loving girl with a raccoon totem.
Teresu Liana is Seto’s childhood friend and former commander. A Water Aspect and a martial artist, she is betrothed to Yushoto Dargaud.
Maheka Sharra is the Commander of Hydera Redoubt.
Kastor is a cloth-merchant with an ear to the ground in the Rice Triangle; he is a friend of Bai Lung.
Hakumon is a red-faced god-blood who manages the Firedust supply of Hydera Redoubt. He’s connected to the Guild.
Wise Dragonfly is an old, learned man who runs the calligraphy school in Sabulum. He was mentor to Empty Words Unspoken.
Gharo is a Lookshy Captain, friend of Setoko Shiroishi. He’s loud, abrasive and sexist.
Elsbeth is a Guild merchant-woman who accompanied the heroes to the Guild gold mine.
Rat is a street orphan in the Little Hell Gang. He is one of their best thieves.
Kenockee and Semockee are a pair of God-blooded twins, bullies and martial artists in Shacklesbury. They live in the Crippled Crane dojo.
Flame of Perfection is an Ifrit, a fire-spirit devoted to perfection. She has devoted herself to the fields of athleticism and martial arts, and wants to learn from a Solar Exalt. Her followers believe they will become enlightened through rigorous exercise.

Teresu Solon is Liana’s uncle, and chief geomancer of Hydera Redoubt. He is Air-Aspected.
Maheka Syrrun is Sharra’s second-in-command. Liana sent her a message of some kind.
Yushoto Dargaud is the head of House Yushoto in Hydera Redoubt. He is very fond of poetry.
Yushoto Rani is Dargauds’ chief of security. She is a hot-headed red-headed Fire Aspect. The soldiers whisper, that she is in love with Dargaud.

Dramatis Personae

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