Sun and Shadow

The thoughts of Tiger Blossom

Session 4

On Liana asking Tiger Blossom why she would stand up for an anathema. I don’t know the answer to that question and she’s mocking me for it. I want to wipe that smug smile of her face!


Fuck! Why is he so loyal to him? What has Cherubael done to earn this? I should leave them both! But she doesn’t, instead she goes with Seto who sets course towards the manse and Cherubael.


Well Seto? Do something. Kick some ass, help this idiot. No? “Go! Out that window!” And with that Tiger Blossom and Seto leaps out the window and lands in the water bellow. Huh, she did it. That bitch really did turn off the manse…


HE LET HER DO IT! After a satisfying collision with Cherubael’s face, she has but one regret. I should have left a scar.


Oh my… I could have some fun with this. Seto is walking into pretty much every tourist trap there is.


Wise Hog asks Tiger Blossom for a moment in private. Oh, why are you so familiar? And please, please don’t eat me!

End of Session


Session 3

Knifes are thrown and Tiger Blossom reacts much without thinking. “Green Sun! That hurt more than I thought it would… Can I keep my face straight? It’s all for naught if I can’t tell a lie. Oh, by the gods why did I do this?” Tiger Blossom tells her lie and thankfully it passes for truth. “I care for him? A lie is more believable if mixed with simple truth.”


As always when reason is pushed aside it will reemerge when it is too late to change your mind. ”I just abandoned Lord Cherubael, my mentor and savior, to protect a man I barely know. What has gotten in to me? If he dies it’s on me.”


Liana catches up to Tiger Blossom and Setoko and reacts with doubt and terror to Setoko’s wounds. “Say something! Tell a lie!” And when nothing comes: “Where have my wits gone?! Have I spent it all on foolishness?” But Liana seems to push aside her doubts and be glad Setoko is not dead. “She is a soldier. She ought to slay us both. Is this a blessing or a trap?”


“Perhaps I should leave a trail… So Cherubael can find his way in, or Setoko his way out should things go wrong, but I have nothing to leave behind.”


The demon is down and Tiger Blossom is leaping into the pillar of water. “How long can I hold my breath? Gods help me. I can’t hold it much longer. Have I failed?”

End of Session
Tale of Seto, the Righeous White Lion

Diary of Setoko Shiroishi

Origin of the Taint
It’s still a haze for me, but I shall try to explain what happened to me during the battle against the Anathema.
I’ve decided to keep a diary to account for the events, in an attempt to keep myself sane, if nothing else.

Where to begin? My squad was dispatched to fight an Anathema. How ever, during the battle I exalted, was chosen, or something of the kind, into an Anathema myself. Seconds after, was I kidnapped… Or rescued? Either way, I was picked up, and flown away with great speed.
I found myself in the care of other Anathema, they insisted on putting some forsaken tattoos all over my body. They said something about “Without them, you will turn into a monster”, so I resisted less then I could have. I can sense the monster within me, however.
After they where done, I took my chance to leave. I ran for what seemed like days on end. And my body reacted on it’s own, I turned into a white-lion.

Day 1 of the Taint
I caught up with a small entourage, of a guild woman as well as some guards. After introducing myself, I came to follow them. I followed a rumor, regarding a Manse close to where the original White Lion went missing.

Day 2 of the Taint
We soon arrived at the mine at which point we met the exalted Cherubael. Excessive enough to make me think he was a dragon blooded, but he was something else entirely. Cherubael seems to know more about the Taint then anyone, so I decided to accompany him. Cherubael had quite a an entourage as well, four men strong. All of them armed to teeth, aside for the scribe. We made our way into the manse, after some bickering with the guild representative. Inside I found it… The hammer of the White Lion. My body instinctively knew what to do ones I grabbed a hold of it. Lord Cherubael seemed to get pieces of the books he wanted. The manse was unstable, but even the heroic deeds of the beautiful, but short, Tiger Blossom, did not help. We had to seek out the other two manses. So we set out to them, before long. Tiger Blossom, on her account, had disappeared as quickly as she appeared. Mysterious sort, these people.

Day 3 of the Taint
Lord Cherubael and I spoke regarding the Tainted during the night. I learnt a great many things. Maybe this is not a Taint… But a blessing? Apparently, I’m a chosen of Luna. A Lunar Exalted. I can feel the monster within me though, can this truly be a blessing? We where visited during the night, by the guilds woman whom I had traveled with earlier. She sent her newest guard, who turned out to be Tiger Blossom. Together we set off to the second Manse.

Day 4 of the Taint
The talk I had with Lord Cherubael has left me unsure of my current state of being. The monster seems calm, but when ever I fight it seems to stir. I still feel to be in control, so I will not need to do anything drastic just yet.
Also… I don’t… Like… Horses! That is all I will say of that.
It seems we met a true Anathema, today. Lord Cherubael seemed to know about him, and vice versa. The brilliant glow, as if, from a sun shun from Cherubael. I too, let loose. I could feel the monster stir vigilantly within me. I managed to keep it at bay. But I used it’s powers, I still felt like me though. Is the monster becoming more like me… Or am I becoming the monster? For now, it seems I can trust Lord Cherubael, no use thinking about it too much.

Day 5 of the Taint
I met my childhood friend Gharo today. He was as fierce as always. He insisted on taking me drinking, Tiger Blossom decided to come along. I was never very affected by alcohol, but I seem to be even more resistant now. An odd man entered the establishment, if it could be called that. A Lunar Exalted said to be my teacher. He seemed busy how ever, and left shortly after. Lord Cherubael came to see us shortly after, as we had someone important to visit. I remember little of the trader himself, for I was busy being drunk, and infatuated with the short, but beautiful, Tiger Blossom. She and Cherubael are what I previously would call Anathema, but their actual titles are Solar Exalted, God Kings of Creation.

Day 6 of the Taint
We set off for Hydro. A redoubt of Lookshy. As a Lookshy soldier, I should have long since returned to my company. But how can I? The monster stirs, but is, as of yet, calm. Even if the Immaculate texts are incorrect in what my state of being means. Most of the world still believes it. I cannot stop serving Lookshy, but I cannot serve it directly, at least not yet.
I ran into Liana today, she looked well… Aside from wearing ridiculous attire. She was to be married. Rightly so, they accused me for being an Anethema, her and her uncle. Her uncle was trying to test me, I saw no way out. React, and be killed. Don’t react, and they would spot my new found resilience. Right before they hit me, to my surprise, Tiger Blossom jumped in the way of the knives. It was odd, for a moment the monster in my screamed… I wanted to charge Liana’s uncle. Out of shock how ever, being used to being the protector, rarely the protected, I merely rushed to Tiger Blossoms aide, as she was carried away. I once again found myself under the employ of my Commander, and friend, Liana. I told her of why we where there. However, due to the Hothead, we could not get much done. It must have been due to my current state of being, but I really wanted to retaliate. I am a mere captain, no more. This is where I realized, my calling is greater now. I do not serve Lookshy, even if that’s what I want, I serve the world.

Day 7 of the Taint
As if I didn’t dislike the Hothead enough, she actually cut me, badly too. The biggest surprise was Cherubael, how ever. Not only did he over react to the poet, but he also punched me as I tried to stop him. The poet must have done something, for lord Cherubael to react in such a manor.
Tiger Blossom managed to get me to my senses, how ever. We set off for the Manse. On the way Liana caught up to us. After a few words spoken, she came along to the Manse. We fought a demon, and Tiger Blossom truly showed her strength in this battle, I was indeed impressed. In finishing the demon off… I don’t know if it was pride, the monster within, or just myself being sick of demon, but I used my powers, revealing myself to Liana. Liana, unsurprising, punched me. We had a brief conversation, where I tried to convince her that being a Lunar and an Anathema are different. How ever, it was interrupted when I realized that Tiger Blossom was drowning. I quickly punched the waterfall, and dragged her out. She seemed fine, to my relief. At which points I figured it was my turn, without actually knowing what I was doing, I chose to leap into the waterfall. After remaining in the waterfall for a few minutes, Tiger Blossom kicked me, and herself, out of it. Most impressive from someone so small. We managed to convince Liana to speak to her uncle, about turning the Manse off. After that, we set off to find the intruder that the Manse had started screaming about.
It was, unsurprisingly, Cherubael. He provided me with my hammers, and left. Seeing as there was an army looking for him, Tiger Blossom convinced me to jump out of a window. Into less then clean water, part of me felt this was a good thing… Wouldn’t this mean that the Manse was turned off? In either case, we didn’t have time to think about it further, we set off to leave town.
Cherubael caught up with us. There was no time to confront him now, he provided us with horses, and we left as a group.
When we set camp, it was time. After returning the punch to Lord Cherubael, I tried to inquire of what was going through his mind. He was very elusive in his words, it had something to do with his sister, and the poet insulting her. Shortly after, his sister actually appeared, they had a brief conversation. After checking if I had a specific charm, which I was using at the moment, to counteract the Hothead’s blade, she attack me. I tried my best to parry, but her power was monstrous. Anger stirred within me, I felt as if the monster would take over. I am, how ever, glad the monster seems to listen to reason.

Day 8 of the Taint
We arrived in Great Forks, meeting up with a messenger leading us to Bai-Lung, or w-ever name that man is using now. Great Forks is a confusing place, I nearly had my pocket picked, my religion converted, and my mind blasted, by the local populous. Wise Hog of the Autumn appeared in front of the Inn, after which we went into the inn, to find Bai-Lung. After we sat down, to eat. Bai-Lung and Cherubael started to go at it. Bai-Lung was very upset with how Cherubael had conducted himself. I some extent, I agreed with our scribe. I was however unsatisfied with his reasoning, as it seemed as if he believed he had rectified the situation on his own. I pointed out that it was a group effort, regardless of who messed up with, or who fixed what.
Everyone split up having business of their own to deal with. I went to train with the Hog, Bai-Lung tagged along to observe.
Being a Lookshy soldier, captain even… I’ve gotten used to the most grueling training any mortal can imagine. This was nothing compered to training as a chosen of Luna. The pain, the panic the occurs when you feel that death creeps closer. I was able to uphold my pride as a Lookshy soldier, but I also felt that I was able to discover a pride as a Lunar Exalted.
The Hog forced me to call up the beast… How ever, it was an odd sensation. I’ve feared it thus far, feeling that it was a different being. I did indeed feel different, I sensed more… How ever, I still felt like myself, strange indeed.
Later that day, we rescued one of Tiger Blossoms friends, by hatching a very silly plan. Is this all my captain experience is good for, as a distraction? Oh well. Oh, and Cherubael obtained a house, with a shadowland-basement… Interesting day, is what it was!

Day 9 of the Taint
Apparently, the scribe got himself in some trouble, but the first I hear of it, is Tiger Blossom bursting through the door, and with a heavy breath, says that she’s found the Chimera.
This started a cat and mouse chase, to find my unlucky counterpart.
[The Rabbit] appeared, to assist us. Thanks to her assistance where we able to find the spiders nest.
A battle ensued, Tiger Blossom set the spider-webs ablaze. And we where able to keep it from running away.
I stared into the eyes of my brother… Called out to the humanity I knew was still in him. The chimera stopped, he kept the others at bay, but he looked upon me with pleading eyes. I wanted to save him. I had to save him.
How ever, yet again my fealty gets in the way. My master, Wise Hog, comes crashing down from the roof, and pins the Chimera under his body. He orders me to attack.
Cherubael sets his sword into the neck of the Chimera, but it was still drawing breath. I decided that it was time to end it’s misery…
My master tried convince me that it was too late, but I could see the uncertainty in his eyes. I was lucky… If not for these tattoos. I’d be the one who would lie here dead. There was a brief conversation after this, speculations and theories… Apparently there was a plan hatched. If they need my help, I will do what I can, how ever all this talking gave me a headache…

Diary of Lord Cherubael

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 14
We have come upon a work-camp in the rice triangle, and will spend the night in their inn. Our destination is close now, we shall reach it on the morrow. Likely this place will be another dead end, but even the slightest chance of finding the book is well worth the effort. A scribe sought audience this evening, and asked to accompany us to the manse. He seemed harmless enough, and he might even know something of value. The company of a learned man is not a thing to be shunned.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 15
I found it. I found The Book of Going Forth by Day. Sadly only one of the seven books, but I have a lead on the rest, so it is only a matter of time before the secrets of the void are mine. However, one of the Tainted is working in this area, and there is a risk that the old shadowland might return. I met a sister today, a rare treat. She is a mysterious sort, but said she had come seeking me, for tutelage. I also came across one of Luna’s Chosen, a giant of a man rarely seen in this age. A soldier of Lookshy, he seems an honest man, but he is ignorant.
This is an auspicious day, a meeting of so many Chosen cannot be a coincidence. I have no doubt that we will be able to prevent the old shadowland from reforming, and soon the Book will be mine.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 16
I met another of my tainted brethren, and I can’t help but wonder how many from our noble ranks have been corrupted. He knew my Sister though, and it seems she outranks him. Some small blessing, perhaps. He fought well, but he seemed somewhat craven, he fled as soon as the battle turned against him.
Tiger Blossom, my mysterious Sister of the Sun, did me a favor I can hardly repay. Were it not for her, three books of Going Forth by Day might have been lost to me, a harrowing prospect. She is quick of thought and action, and I’ll do what I can to pay her back. I have four of the books now, but one of the Tainted has the remaining ones. I pray that he means to keep them.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 17
Spent the night going through the books I have gathered so far, and the picture is becoming clearer. Sadly the deeper secrets of the Void are still lost to me, and I really need those books. Enjoyed the company of a merchant for a few hours, and I felt that he deserved better than what Fate had dealt him, so I sent him to Gupta. During the day I found out more about the Tainted in possession of my books, and I know where to go next. Tiger Blossom seems to have taken Setoko, our ignorant Steward companion, for her own. We shall see what comes of it.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 18
If I had previously thought our gathering blessed by fate, there can now be no doubt. It turns out Bai Lung, my companion scribe, is a fellow Chosen. It has been too long since last I was in the company of so many of my dear siblings, and it is most welcome. My ignorant Steward companion continues as expected, and managed to almost reveal himself as one of Luna’s Chosen in front of an entire company of Lookshian soldiers and several of the Terrestrials, which would have gone down poorly, I expect. Tiger Blossom, fast of thought and quicker of action, protected him at the cost of her own health. He owes her for that, and he has best remember it. She is in good hands, though, although some measures need to be taken to keep her blessing from being discovered. Otherwise, Hydera is a pleasant enough sort of place, and our host has been gracious and helpful. I will have an audience with the Captain of the Guard of the major house of the city on the morrow, which was sadly the best my host could accomplish on such a short notice. It will have to do.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 19
Little and less went as expected today, and I believe some of the fault lies with me. The poet insulted my sweet Sister, and hid behind his terrestrial pawns. The situation escalated, and I believe I may have started a personal war with Lookshy. Worse, I could only recover one of the three missing books, although it may still prove to be the most useful one. I did get to see my Sister though, always a treat, even though the situation was less than ideal. I hope she killed no more than she had to, I loathe the loss of innocent lives.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 21
Great Forks is busy as ever, and there are more of my brethren here than usual these days. Wise Hog has a new apprentice, and I might well get to know her better. It’s been long since I had a Lunar Exalt. I also believe Wise Hog can help me understand what happened to my brothers and I, and what locked us away from the world for this past age. This mystery has long eluded me, and he agrees that there must have been some other kind of Exalt in the old age, now lost to the world. More presently, Gupta gifted me with Bafford Manor, which should serve me well as a base of operations in Great Forks. I have full confidence that Aidan will restore the manor to a presentable state before long. There is still the minor issue of the unfortunate shadowland in the basement. Perhaps the Book can tell me how to close it, if I just study it further…

A Proclamation

Let it be known that I am not going to write down a log of this adventure.

However – let it be known also, that anyone who writes a journal of events or keeps an in-character diary shall be awarded with a shiny golden Experience Point for every session that is thus documented, in whole or in part. If multiple people describe the same session or event, please try to do so from different perspectives or in different ways. The same scene might look very different from the eyes of a mighty warrior than the eyes of a humble scholar.

If someone feels inclined to do so, this Adventure Log is open to anyone who might make an entry.


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