Wise Hog of the Autumn

An obese, ugly, flabby man with awful breath.


Wise Hog is a No Moon, and an accomplished sorcerer and thaumaturge. Besides his Caste Attributes, he favours Stamina. He has a fair amount of physical Charms, but he certainly doesn’t possess any of the grace and charisma of a Changing Moon – human interaction doesn’t seem to interest him much.


Wise Hog of the Autumn is a Lunar Exalt, over four centuries old. A co-ordinator and organiser of the Silver Pact, Wise Hog travels to and fro throughout the East. His primary duties are to take care of and teach young Lunar Exalts.

Recently, it was revealed that Wise Hog is to be Seto’s mentor, and that he also has another pupil: Black Stripes Azeba. He doesn’t have too much time to set aside for this, but he intends to teach his apprentices the basics.

Wise Hog of the Autumn

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