The Shattered Prophet of the Infinite Crucible

A broken puppet of the Neverborn


The Shattered Prophet of the Infinite Crucible is tremendously powerful. In combat he is on par with a skilled Dawn Caste, yet combat is not his forte – he is a preacher, a sermonizer of terrible blasphemies that can break the wills of even the Exalted. He likely possesses unspeakably evil custom Charms that turn mothers against their children and can shatter even the unbreakable bond of a Dragon-Blooded Sworn Brotherhood.


Little is known about the Shattered Prophet. His philosophies extend beyond just mindless killing – mere genocide or even omnicide is not enough for this twisted madman. He is a broken man, serving broken gods, and he seems to exist only to inflict nihilism and despair.

The Shattered Prophet is a tall, thin man whose frail appearance conceals his great strength. He is bald, with steel-blue broken eyes and a soulsteel mask concealing his features. His garb is a black robe, hung with soulsteel chains, and a pair of soulsteel gauntlets.

The Shattered Prophet has at least one disciple, possibly more. The first of his disciples is the young Abyssal known as Empty Words Unspoken.

The Shattered Prophet of the Infinite Crucible

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