Princess Wake of Angels of the Bleeding Manse

Cherubael's Abyssal sister


The Princess Wake of Angels is a consummate Dusk Caste. Her weapon of choice is a Grand Grimcleaver, although in her hands even the lowliest weapon becomes an instrument of elegant murder. She can easily fight off scores of Dragon-Blooded, and there are few Exalts in Creation who can stand up to her in single combat. Her fighting style is brutal, simple, and straightforward.

She fights in armor, and sometimes on horseback – although living horses seem to be unnerved by her presence.


The Princess Wake of Angels is Cherubael’s sister, although not by blood – their Exaltations belonged to a pair of twins in the First Age. For some reason, the Princess seems to have an unnaturally sharp recollection of the First Age, knowing a great deal about the glorious past even as she refuses her birthright as a Solar Exalt to embrace the teachings of the Neverborn.

Her Flawed Virtue is Compassion. She cares nothing for ordinary people, and shows only a minimum of respect for fellow Celestial Exalts.


Lord Cherubael was her brother in the First Age, and she still seems to hold love and loyalty in her heart for him – at least to the extent that a Deathknight is capable of love.

The Shattered Prophet of the Infinite Crucible is a powerful Deathknight, and the Princess seems to consider him an equal. She had an agreement with him which protected Cherubael from his machinations, although the agreement was recently broken.

Princess Wake of Angels of the Bleeding Manse

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