Gupta Wintersmith

A jovial Southern merchant


Gupta Wintersmith is a skilled and courageous merchant, hailing originally from Alom Vilag in the South. He possesses a great trade network that stretches from Great Forks via Sijan to the realm of the Icewalkers, and he maintains trade relations with the Bull of the North as well as with some Linowan boat clans. He is fantastically rich, and a pleasant and charming man with great ambition. Worldly and well-traveled, Gupta has seen more of Creation than many of of even the Exalted.


Not much is known of Guptas’ background. He originally traded in southern pottery and textiles, and possessed the bravery to frequent ill-guarded and dangerous roads to the north of Great Forks with his small caravan.

Gupta Wintersmith

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