Empty Words Unspoken

Prophet's disciple - bright snow falling silently - speaks now empty words


Empty Words Unspoken is an inconcievably beatiful young man, with white hair framing an angelic face that belies the corruption and cruelty within. He enjoys using his looks and silver tongue to manipulate those around him, but his need for control betrays his underlying cowardice.

Has several disciples on his own, some already ghosts bound to his service, that help him spread the propaganda of the Shattered Prophet. For now his mission lies in Hydera, where he plots an orgy of violence as the final step to turn the Rice Triangle into a shadowland.


Formerly a bright young poet named Bright Snow, learning at the calligraphy academy in Sabulum, the Abyssal named Empty Words Unspoken now spreads the gospel of his master Shattered Prophet of the Infinite Crucible. After being cast out by his old master Wise Dragonfly he seduced Maheka Shara, the dragon-blooded leader of Hydera, and now resides in her manse at the heart of the city, dripping honeyed venom into the ears of its entire Dynast nobility and driving them inexorably towards further bloodshed and infighting.

Successfully turned the local Dynasts against Cherubael through inciting him with choice words about his sister, and got Seto griveously injured in the ensuing fight. Is currently being pursued by Bai Long in the guise of fellow poet, cultist aspirant and admirer Long Feng.

Empty Words Unspoken

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