Sun and Shadow

Diary of Lord Cherubael

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 14
We have come upon a work-camp in the rice triangle, and will spend the night in their inn. Our destination is close now, we shall reach it on the morrow. Likely this place will be another dead end, but even the slightest chance of finding the book is well worth the effort. A scribe sought audience this evening, and asked to accompany us to the manse. He seemed harmless enough, and he might even know something of value. The company of a learned man is not a thing to be shunned.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 15
I found it. I found The Book of Going Forth by Day. Sadly only one of the seven books, but I have a lead on the rest, so it is only a matter of time before the secrets of the void are mine. However, one of the Tainted is working in this area, and there is a risk that the old shadowland might return. I met a sister today, a rare treat. She is a mysterious sort, but said she had come seeking me, for tutelage. I also came across one of Luna’s Chosen, a giant of a man rarely seen in this age. A soldier of Lookshy, he seems an honest man, but he is ignorant.
This is an auspicious day, a meeting of so many Chosen cannot be a coincidence. I have no doubt that we will be able to prevent the old shadowland from reforming, and soon the Book will be mine.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 16
I met another of my tainted brethren, and I can’t help but wonder how many from our noble ranks have been corrupted. He knew my Sister though, and it seems she outranks him. Some small blessing, perhaps. He fought well, but he seemed somewhat craven, he fled as soon as the battle turned against him.
Tiger Blossom, my mysterious Sister of the Sun, did me a favor I can hardly repay. Were it not for her, three books of Going Forth by Day might have been lost to me, a harrowing prospect. She is quick of thought and action, and I’ll do what I can to pay her back. I have four of the books now, but one of the Tainted has the remaining ones. I pray that he means to keep them.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 17
Spent the night going through the books I have gathered so far, and the picture is becoming clearer. Sadly the deeper secrets of the Void are still lost to me, and I really need those books. Enjoyed the company of a merchant for a few hours, and I felt that he deserved better than what Fate had dealt him, so I sent him to Gupta. During the day I found out more about the Tainted in possession of my books, and I know where to go next. Tiger Blossom seems to have taken Setoko, our ignorant Steward companion, for her own. We shall see what comes of it.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 18
If I had previously thought our gathering blessed by fate, there can now be no doubt. It turns out Bai Lung, my companion scribe, is a fellow Chosen. It has been too long since last I was in the company of so many of my dear siblings, and it is most welcome. My ignorant Steward companion continues as expected, and managed to almost reveal himself as one of Luna’s Chosen in front of an entire company of Lookshian soldiers and several of the Terrestrials, which would have gone down poorly, I expect. Tiger Blossom, fast of thought and quicker of action, protected him at the cost of her own health. He owes her for that, and he has best remember it. She is in good hands, though, although some measures need to be taken to keep her blessing from being discovered. Otherwise, Hydera is a pleasant enough sort of place, and our host has been gracious and helpful. I will have an audience with the Captain of the Guard of the major house of the city on the morrow, which was sadly the best my host could accomplish on such a short notice. It will have to do.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 19
Little and less went as expected today, and I believe some of the fault lies with me. The poet insulted my sweet Sister, and hid behind his terrestrial pawns. The situation escalated, and I believe I may have started a personal war with Lookshy. Worse, I could only recover one of the three missing books, although it may still prove to be the most useful one. I did get to see my Sister though, always a treat, even though the situation was less than ideal. I hope she killed no more than she had to, I loathe the loss of innocent lives.

Year 4998 after the War, Resplendent Wood, day 21
Great Forks is busy as ever, and there are more of my brethren here than usual these days. Wise Hog has a new apprentice, and I might well get to know her better. It’s been long since I had a Lunar Exalt. I also believe Wise Hog can help me understand what happened to my brothers and I, and what locked us away from the world for this past age. This mystery has long eluded me, and he agrees that there must have been some other kind of Exalt in the old age, now lost to the world. More presently, Gupta gifted me with Bafford Manor, which should serve me well as a base of operations in Great Forks. I have full confidence that Aidan will restore the manor to a presentable state before long. There is still the minor issue of the unfortunate shadowland in the basement. Perhaps the Book can tell me how to close it, if I just study it further…


Riklurt Nallenon

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